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All hunters are guided.  Animals available include Kudu, Bushbuck, Duiker, Warthog and Bushpig.  Slaughtering and meat processing facility available. Firearms can be kept safe in a lockup safe. Day Fees include the services of a hunting guide for each hunter and recovery of carcass, skinning, cleaning and storage of carcass in a cold room.



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Day fees

R  250.00


R  100.00






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Blue Wildebeest





Game Fees




Trophy horn length

Kudu Bull

R   2,900.00

R 4,000.00


Kudu Cow (skin on)

R 16 per kg

Blue Wildebeest Bull

R  2,600.00

R 3,800.00


Blue Wildebeest Cow

R  2,800.00

Bushbuck Ram

R    950.00

R 1,600.00








Blesbuck Ram

R 1,200.00

R 1,200.00

Blesbuck Ewe

R 1,200.00

Blue Duiker


R 1,800.00


Grey Duiker Ram

R   350.00

R    500.00


Grey Duiker Ewe

R   350.00



Minimum R 350.00 or R12 per kg (Head off and gutted skin on)

R   900.00



Minimum R 400.00 or R13 per kg (Skin & Head on and Gutted)

R 1,300.00


Is a fully equipped and serviced hunting lodge. A servant is provided to assist with making beds, cleaning and washing dishes. Rates do not include laundry services.

Maximum 4 rifles

Day Fees
Include the services of a hunting guide for each hunter and recovery of carcass, skinning, cleaning and storage of carcass in a coldroom.

Wounded animals must be paid in full. Any blood or bone found will constitute a wounded animal. The guides decision will be final and no discussions will be entered into. Please be aware of your own shooting abilities and do not take shots that you are not sure of, even at the guide's insistence.
Rifles must be sighted before the hunt. We prefer clients arriving the afternoon prior to their first day of hunting to sight rifles and familiarise themselves in order to get an early start the following day.


Hunting Licences must be produced on check in.

Trophy Judgement is the ultimate responsibility of the hunter. The guide may offer advice, but will not be responsible for any trophies shot. One horned or deformed horned animals are not regarded as trophies irrespective of the length of horn.

For hunting purposes A minimum of 2 days booking to be made

Wood Limited amount per day and number of guests. Additional wood may be purchased from the office, at a fee of R10.00 per bag and delivered to the lodge

Deposits of 50% are required to confirm bookings:
Mountain View Farms CC, Standard Bank, Fort Beaufort (Branch Code: 05-03-19), Account number: 082132771


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